Our Team Members' Favorite Bike Trails

Imagine being in nature as you come across curves, rollers, burners, and other features while enjoying the northern Michigan scenery.

Mountain biking is the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and just ride. Our Bike Park caters to both advanced riders and beginners, with both downhill and cross-country trails. But it's not just about the adventure; it's about finding your moment.

We polled our team members to share their favorite bike trails. Perhaps one of your favorites made the list, or you will discover a new favorite!

Alex M.(Trail Crew)- Holy Diver to Aftershock is my favorite trail because it has many fast-flowing berms, jumps, technical roots, off-camber & large compressions.

Corbin H. (Trail Crew)- The Trooper because of the more natural trail form and its technical/high-speed sections.

Kevin D. (Bike Patrol)- My favorite trail is Swayze Express. It is very well built and offers features you can jump or roll over; it also has alternative lines that spice it up even more!

Mitch S. (Trail Crew)- Two Tired is my favorite. It's a nice pedal to get there. It's a fast trail down, and you can end it on Bad Jackson with some large jumps.

Ethan S. (Trail Crew)- Two Tired is my favorite trail because it's fun, fast, and the jumps are perfect. It's mostly techy but still flows well.

Simon B. (Trail Crew)- My favorite trail is Swayze Express- The back-to-back jumps and flow of the trail make it fun and different from most trails in the lower peninsula. While being one of the builders of the trail allowed me to add some of my ideas to what I'd be riding.

Zach H. (Bike Park Manager)- I have a couple of favorite trails.

Dirt-E-Dancing because it scales nicely with the speed that I want to carry. I can slow down for a nice and easy ride, or if I am feeling adventurous, I can pick up the pace, and the trail will ride well that way, too. The trail feels fun and different depending on how I ride it.

Swayze Express is a pedal to get to, but you get rewarded with a great trail. The flow of that trail is fantastic, and it rewards progression. The trail is built in a beautiful section of the forest with large hardwoods and open sight lines. It's hard to go wrong!

Julie R (Director of Marketing)- I love to venture out to the north side and take in the winding hills on our cross country trails: North Peak > Bob Ross > Bridges to North Spine.

Swayze Express is hard to beat as my new favorite downhill trail, but Dirt-E Dancing is where I first learned to go downhill, and it will always be my favorite.

Mari K (Director of Skier Services & Sustainability)- I also love to venture on the north side. I take the whimpy road and North Peak Trail, to Bridges, to Tree Tops, and end my ride on Lemon Squeeze.

And while I like Dirty Dancing, I love Swayze for downhill biking.

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, dirt season is still waiting! It's all about the joy of the ride, new challenges, and connecting with nature. See you on the trails!