Top 5 Spots on The Enchanted Trail

The ENchanted Trail

The Tunnel of Trees

There is something so magical about walking on a snowy trail with trees covered in sparkling lights. That wonder increases as you descend into a canopy tunnel of lights. Imagine the snowflakes gently falling as the light captures each fluffy flake.

Highlands Tip: For the ultra-romantic, THIS is the spot for a spontaneous engagement moment.

The ENchanted Trail

Let Me Hear You Sing

Sing it together! Loud, off-key, it doesn't matter! Your voice controls the lights, and with every note, the lights twinkle to the sounds.

Highlands Tip: Capture those silly singing moments on video to look back fondly over and over for years to come.

The ENchanted Trail

Experience the Neon

Where the tunnel of lights is magical, the neon tunnel is fun! The neon shapes create an experience that brings a big smile to your face. It reminds you that around every corner of The Enchanted Trail is another joyful surprise.

Highlands Tip: Race through the neon lights- hot cocoa is nearby!

The ENchanted Trail

The Yurt

What is a fun winter moment if there is no hot cocoa? Come inside the cozy yurt, grab a warm drink or have one of our mixologists create something for you.

Highlands Tip: Grab a s'more kit and head outside to our toasty bonfires to create the perfect roasted marshmallow smushed between graham crackers and melty chocolate.

The ENchanted Trail

The Wall of Lights

You have a warm drink in one hand and a perfectly made s'more in the other. What's next? Take a look just ahead and discover the twinkling wall of lights.

Highlands Tip: This is the perfect spot for a friends and family moment captured in photos. Strike a pose and have the magic captured forever.