RFID Lift Tickets

The Highlands now uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) gates and hand scanners at all lifts across the resort. This touch-free system means paper tickets are a thing of the past - you'll simply have one Go Card that you can reload with lift tickets throughout the season for ski and mountain biking. In addition, all season passes (including Ikon) will also be RFID-enabled.

How RFID Works

Lift Ticket Number 1
Step 1: Purchase Your Ticket

To get a day ticket, purchase your lift ticket online to choose your date. Remember, prices go up as dates get closer, so get your tickets early for the best deal. After you check out, you'll receive a confirmation email with your QR code. If you purchased multiple tickets, there will be one QR code per ticket. Season Pass and Ikon Pass holders can skip this step - your pass is RFID ready.

Number 2
Step 2: Pick Up Your Go Card

When you get to the resort, head to an Online Ticket Kiosk to get your Go Card. If you already have a season pass or Ikon Pass, you can skip this step. When you ski or ride, place your Go Card in a jacket pocket-chest or sleeve pockets are perfect. Keep Go Card away from credit cards, cell phones, or other RFID-enabled tickets. If you have a small child, you might need to give them a little boost to get their card scanned.

Number 3
Step 3: Reload Your Go Card

Once you've gotten your Go Card, you can use it season after season. Purchase your lift ticket online, and your Go Card will be automatically valid on the dates you purchased. If your card is lost or damaged, it's $5 for a replacement.

Season Pass and Lift Ticket Validation

RFID Go Card

Verify your RFID card is up to date and check to see if your pass or ticket is valid on specific dates by using your Pass # or RFID #.

Access Validation Here >>

RFID Lift Ticket FAQs

  • A Go Card is a reusable RFID-enabled lift ticket. It can be used for ski and mountain bike.

  • Boyne Michigan passes, The Classic Pass and Ikon Passes are all RFID-enabled. Once you receive your pass, simply put it in your pocket - and you're ready to ride the lift.

  • There are several Online Ticket Kiosks conveniently placed around the resort:

    • Skier Services (located at the Day Lodge)
    • SnowSport Rentals
    • Main Lodge Lobby
    • Tower Lobby
    • Heather Highlands Inn Lobby
    • Boyne Country Sports Petoskey
  • No, a hole punch will break your Go Card. The RFID gates can pick up the chip through your jacket-place your card in a pocket.

    1. Keep away from Driver’s Licenses and any other cards that may have RFID in them. This is so it doesn’t interrupt the signal, and we can get a quicker read on the ski pass.
    2. Keep away from cell phones, - this is so it doesn’t interrupt the signal.
    3. Place in the upper half of the body, so a chest pocket, sleeve pocket somewhere in their coat.
    4. Pass DOES NOT need to be visible at any time during their visit unless we encounter a problem.
  • Your Go Card or season pass can be replaced for $5 per card at Skier Services, located in the Day Lodge. Sorry, we can't replace Ikon Passes.

  • Nope, you can reload your Go Card with multiple days and head straight to the lift.