60 Years of Memories

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From our small beginnings of a ski club to where we stand today, there is a lot of history woven through every facet of The Highlands. The memories of riding the first bubble chair in 1963 with leather boots, fur hats, and mega-watt smiles are stories passed on to children and grandchildren. The "I remember when..." is always the opening line to a good story. Your history, your moments, and your memories are what made The Highlands what it is today.

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Your Favorite Highlands' Memories

Amy S: Our family has visited The Highlands every summer for over 50 years. We now have four generations joining every year. This visit was a celebration of our grandparent's 65th Anniversary! 16 of us! Best year ever!!

Sherri A: Hard to pick a favorite- every year feels like a Hallmark movie!! We cherish every year here as a family. This is #5 of many amazing family vacations/memories to come. So great for this time of year!!

Chris T: This is my 55th year skiing here at The Highlands. I have never been disappointed after the 5 hours drive to get here. Many memories that are too numerous to mention.

Abigail G: My favorite memory is celebrating Christmas with my entire family. Every year my papa dresses up as Santa and I dress up as his reindeer!

Andrew G: Gary (with one arm) who checked lift tickets at the bottom of the Heather lift- he knew our names, our parents, and siblings. He was a good friend who made a big deal of welcoming us back every year.

Liz L: Spending Christmas at The Highlands is a family tradition. Our children learned how to ski here! Many years of cherished memories and we continue to enjoy special holiday fun with our adult children now. Happy 60th - what a treasure!

Deannar B.: We were here for our 30th Anniversary, and ziplining was on my bucket list. At 60, I couldn't have had a better group walk me through, and one of the other staff came along. It was glorious.

Bob R.: My favorite memory at The Highlands is tearing up the NASTAR course every weekend! And ski patrolling of course!

Becky G.: My favorite memory of The Highlands is when my husband and I came here after having our 1st child. We stayed with his family and enjoyed an evening wagon ride with Dolly & Nell, the horses. We sang Christmas carols and toured the ground slit up with beautiful Christmas lights.

Theresa A.: 45 years ago, I came as a single girl learning to ski and had a dream that someday I would return with a family and share the love of skiing. My dream came true.

Alex R.: I came to The Highalnds growing up with my family and now 20 years later for the 60th Anniversary, I brought my kids back!