Are Ski and Snowboard Lessons Worth It?

You geared up, our rental team set you up with equipment, and you are ready to face the chair lift and try skiing or snowboarding for the first time.

The chairlift can seem daunting, but you did it! You are at the top of the slope readying yourself to go. It is fun at first, but everything your friends and family told you went out the window as you picked up speed. All that sticks is positioning your skis into a pizza shape and try not to crash.

That was fun, but the lack of control can also feel scary or intimidating for first-time skiers and riders.

Taking a lesson is a phenomenal way to gain the fundamentals with all the patience and support you need to get back on the slopes and impress everyone with your newfound skills.

We sent out someone who, like you, is a beginner at skiing for a lesson to find out if ski and snowboard lessons are worth it.

Geared Up, Skis On- Now What?

Meet our beginner skier! Her pizza skills down the slope are impressive, but she wants to take on trails of more difficulty and ski with her skis straight.

Woman in snowsuit skiing with arms in the air

The first step in any lesson is your instructor getting to know your goals, how long you have been skiing or riding, and going through the Learn to Turn zone for a quick assessment.

In our beginner skier's case, she showed off her pizza skills down a bunny hill so that her form could be assessed.

From there, our ski instructor laid out a plan, and off they went to the chairlift.

Am I A Skier Yet?

Our skier and instructor practiced making wide "S" shapes down the slope with proper form to control speed and make it easier to adjust the skis to be more parallel.

Man in red coat skiing at The Highlands

In attempts to not pizza your way down the mountain and practice your fundamentals, our skier practiced skiing parallel to the slope and keeping her skis closer together. This allowed her to control her speed without serving up a slice.

The instructor showcased different methods to follow through on the lesson goals and our skier followed suit. From visual cues, discussions, and actual practice, our skier made significant progress in the short one-hour lesson. 

At the end of the lesson, our skier was going down blue squares with a lot more confidence and skills to control her speed and form.

Our SnowSports School Instructors have thousands of hours in training and instructing and can assist you. Whether you are a beginner, want to learn more advanced skills, or need a refresher, they will create a plan tailored to you.

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