Owner Services Contacts

Owner Services Contacts

When property owners need assistance or have questions, we make every effort to answer the call. Consult the list below for the appropriate contact to suit your needs — or call Owner Services at 231.526.3176, and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for.

    • Jennifer Miller, Director of Owner Relations
      jmiller@highlandsharborsprings.com | 231.526.3192
    • Jennifer acts as a new owner liaison, overseeing rental programming, owner communication, owner events and owner website. She also supports Owner Council and the Architectural Control Committee.
    • Alison Hubbard, Director of Association Management
      alison.hubbard@highlandsharborsprings.com | 231.526.3091
    • Alison oversees all aspects of association management. She assists the Boards in executing their master documents and focuses on supporting the day-to-day needs of the associations.
    • Mindy Dempsey, Owner Services Manager – Heather Highlands Inn
      mindy.dempsey@highlandsharborsprings.com | 231.526.3097
    • Mindy is the primary point of contact for the Heather Highlands Inn owners and board members. She assists with both rental and association management for the Pleasantview & Inverness Associations. She also assists with Boyne Vacation Club.
    • Pam Planck, Reservations Manager
    • Reservation requests/issues
    • Eric Whalen, Director of Safety/Security
    • Security related issues
    • Joe Breighner, Area Manager
    • Maintenance/plant facilities
    • Amanda Gray, Dir. of Resort Accommodations
    • Reception desk issues, mail, guest surveys and resort transportation
    • Keriann Lonnee, Dir. of Membership
    • Country Club of Boyne membership
    • Robin Montero, HHI Housekeeping Supervisor
    • Housekeeping issues/billing for Heather Highlands Inn
    • Brad Childress, Revenue Manager
    • Maximizing the overall profitability of the resort
    • Tiffany Fiducia, Property Finances
    • Association budgets

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee of The Highlands is responsible for reviewing all new home plans and landscape changes to existing homes. Please contact Jennifer Miller to submit plans or to obtain further information at 231.526.3192 or jmiller@highlandsharborsprings.com.

BOYNE Owner Council

The Owner Council is a group made up of property owners from BOYNE's northern Michigan resorts. Representation includes an owner from rental management, an owner from a non-rental home, an Owner Services representative, and the General Manager from each resort. The Council's purpose is to facilitate mutual understanding and communication amongst BOYNE's property owners and management.

Owner Council Goals

  • Create a more effective and efficient decision-making process
  • Garner a higher level of owner input during the planning process
  • Enhance property ownership experience
  • Develop and improve communication vehicle

Owner Council Members

  • The Highlands Resort - Paul Drzyzga, Jim Thompson, Jennifer Miller - Owner services