The BOYNE name is synonymous with outstanding snow, and at The Highlands, we're proud to be a vital part of that legacy. Since the 1950s, we have maintained our commitment to snowmaking and to the constant refinement of both our equipment and our techniques. As years passed, our demands outpaced the industry, leading us to become snowmaking innovators in the mid-1970s, when we filed our first snowmaking patents.

A Superior Winter Vacation Destination

Through our consistent dedication and investment  BOYNE now has the largest, most efficient snowmaking system in the Midwest.

The Highlands has become well known for being one of Michigan's most popular winter vacation destinations. Our snowmaking ability is one of the many reasons why. Snowmaking consists of pulling water from a reservoir or water source, pumping it onto the mountain, and combining it with compressed air to convert as much water into frozen snow crystals as possible. The frozen particles settle to the ground and any water droplets that do not freeze drain through the surface.

So what makes BOYNE snowmaking unique? By 66 new HKD Impulse Low-energy Snowguns to our snowmaking fleet, we can start the snowmaking process sooner, which equals more skiing time! These machines are also more efficient they utilize less water consumption, and they use considerably less compressed air, which means less energy use.

The HKD Impulse Low-energy is more efficient than ever at converting water into snow crystals - especially at marginal temperatures (above 28 degrees). This greatly improves snow quality and lessens icy build-up while boosting energy and water efficiencies more than any previous technology. Over 250 of these new guns are making snow this winter at The Highlands, representing a significant percentage of the terrain coverage and resulting in the ability to stay one of Michigan's top choice for family winter vacation - whether Mother Nature provides the snow or we do.

The Snowmaking at BOYNE continues to be one of the many reasons we are Michigan's top winter vacation destination. Our snowmaking abilities make it possible to keep skiing and snowboarding conditions ideal so guests can utilize every minute on our beautiful Michigan resort.